Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Emotional For Not Breastfeeding

Being a mother is considered to be one of the most difficult jobs in the world specially, if you are a first timer mom. We all are aware of the fact that raising a kid is no joke and because being a mother means that providing your child with the best, a lot of mothers tend to feel emotional for not breastfeeding due to various reasons. However, as much as all mothers want to breastfeed their child on their own, there are some circumstances which doesn’t allow them to do so hence, we emphasize on not feeling emotional about it. Here are some convincing reasons that we have laid down in order to not feel upset about not being able to breastfeed your little one.

Your baby will still be attached to you

Since you are the mother and remain with your little one at all times unlike other people, there is no way your baby will not be able to get unattached to you or not able to recognize you. Mothers should take out this thought away from their mind that breast feeding doesn’t really mean that your babies will stick to you at all times.


Sometimes, when one is not able to breastfeed their child, they need to understand the fact that breastfeeding is not the ultimate thing that will connect you with your baby. Its okay if you are unable to do so as sometimes, self-care is so important than anything else in the world therefore, getting emotional is pointless in such scenarios.


If you are unable to breastfeed your little one for what – so – ever reasons and are providing him with Organic baby formula, you will still be able to maintain the same attachment and connection with him just they way you would if you could breastfeed your child. So take out this perception off of your mind and go easy on yourself while taking care of the baby.

Others shouldn’t matter

You may come across a lot of people who might judge you or taunt on your actions of not breastfeeding your baby but not everyone is aware of your personal reasons. It is due to this providing an explanation to everyone and exhausting yourself in such a situation is something you should avoid and clearly put it up on your mind that these things do not define you or reflect on how you are as a mother. Clearly breastfeeding a baby doesn’t reflect or show what type of a mother you are going to be or how you are treating your child so avoid taking in too much from what people are saying about you.